SIBO Recovery

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The DNA Doc’s 30-Day SIBO Program

Dr Lesley Allen

Far too often, SIBO, or Small Intestines Bacterial Overgrowth, is misdiagnosed or improperly treated, leaving patients feeling frustrated and hopeless. If you are one of the many Americans that experience gas, bloating, severe constipation, diarrhea, or cycle between the two, then you may have SIBO. What most do not realize is treatment for SIBO is vastly different that treatment to restore the microbiome in the large intestines.

Many doctors will recommend Proton Pump Inhibitors, Probiotics, Fiber, so on and so forth to manage these symptoms. WRONG! These interventions will likely exacerbate your symptoms leaving you even more frustrated and confused.

Through the years, The DNA Doc and her team has helped so many clients (including Dr. Allen, who in fact, had a terrible case of SIBO personally which was fueling her autoimmune conditions) identify with proper testing and heal their SIBO without the need of Antibiotics, which actually lead to a higher incidence of stubborn, recurring SIBO situations, with our holistic SIBO protocol and comprehensive coaching program. Great news for you, we now have developed a DIY program that delivers many of the clinical pearls to you at a fraction of the cost of our full-service program.

Are you ready to take action today?

Begin learning the tried and true DNA Doc method to healing your SIBO. For just $297 you will have access to our customized, virtual coaching platform which delivers:

  • Access to our Well World app that delivers daily meal planning and weekly shopping lists to make it easy to eat right
  • Dynamic video coaching to support you through every step of the process
  • Discounted pricing on a suite of professional-grade supplements that really move the therapeutic needle and will help you feel get rid of the stubborn bacteria once and for all
  • Six gentle Medical Therapeutic Yoga Classes taught by our Professional Yoga Therapists who serve as our mindset mentors in our Functional Medicine program to help you manage stress and improve blood flow naturally to the gut.
  • Plus, six guided meditations recorded by our Mindset Mentors to ensure your mind is facilitating healing
SIBO Recovery Program
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In just 30 days...

You can begin experiencing the benefits enjoyed by hundreds of our patients: 

  • less gas, bloating, and indigestion
  • better gut health
  • lower stress levels and better stress management techniques which will drive improved gut health
  • less inflammation throughout the body
  • improved balance of hormones
  • and improved quality of sleep

The single most valuable asset that any of us have is our health.

I invite you to harness the transformative power of functional medicine and to begin experiencing real, sustainable improvements in your quality of life. Good gut health is the gateway to optimal health and in this course, we will teach you how to sustain lasting relief with our holistic approach.

Not sure where to start?

Book a free 15-minute phone consultation with our team and we will help point you in the right direction.